About Me

A little about me…

It’s looks like you’ve stumbled onto my personal webpage here at TheHeatherBrown.com. This is where I post all kinds of random content of my favorite things, people, quotes, and moments of my personal life, basically updates I enjoy sharing with my Internet friends.

I was born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and now living my life in Washington D.C., the most powerful city in the world!! I love to travel! I consider myself a global citizen at heart, I love learning about new cultures, experience nightlife around the world and going on as many worldwide adventures as possible.

I seem to have a habit of turning my personal hobbies into business, which is great because I get to make a living doing the things I love. I’m a proud Democrat, a political junkie but an enthusiast about many things. My dream is to create something that I can leave behind, something that will make a difference, provide opportunities and help to change the world. I started a nonprofit, The World Youth Peace Movement, which works to engaged young people in the beginning of their careers to become more thoughtful and globally aware. This nonprofit’s work will hopefully help me leave something behind that will help change the world.

Life is amazing, one big adventure, and I plan on living everyday to its fullest!!

TheHeatherBrown.com isn’t my only online life. I’m quite active on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.